Manga Tales of Demons and Gods / 妖神记

Tales of Demons and Gods - Постер
Nie Li - a powerful Demon Spiritist from the Glory City, which was destroyed by the demons. Initially, he came from one of the poorest aristocratic families, not distinguished by a special talent in the field of magic, but managed to develop his strength to a global scale. Nevertheless, he made many mistakes: due to weakness during his youth, he could not save his native city, friends and loved one. However, fate gave him a chance to fix it.
Not Lee perishes at the hands of the Sage Emperor, but not completely: his soul, for some unknown reason, is reborn, moreover, in his own body during the period when Nie Li was still a student. All adult memories and knowledge remain. The hero decides to use this to save his native city and loved ones, as well as further develop his skills.