Manga A Veterinarian in Another World / Jui-san no Oshigoto in Isekai

A Veterinarian in Another World - Постер
獣医さんのお仕事 in異世界
In the mystical kingdom of Austra, there is a history of “unique people” -- individuals that possess knowledge and skills from another world. With their abilities, they have evolved Austra’s countries and been the determinant of war victors.

Kazami Shingo is a veterinarian in the modern world who is determined to be able to save the lives of living things. Suddenly, he’s transported into Austra! Crown prince Yuris Rawle McGuire has summoned him, and he has a request of Kazami -- “please save the suffering of people and beasts”! And thus begins Kazami’s bizarre new life as a healer in a world of magic… Can he truly save these pained lives?