Manga Around 40 "Shachiku" is Golem Master

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Arafoo Shachiku no Golem Master

Arafo Shachiku no Golem Master


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    • Fafhred Avatar
      Fafhred - 2 weeks ago
      Another version here at It currently has 1 more chapter
    • Peter Lara Avatar
      Peter Lara - 2 months ago
      Damn there are new chapters
    • Spammer Avatar
      Spammer - 7 months ago
      If you are reading this comment your parents will die within 5 years. To undo this curse you need to copy this and paste it on 5 other manga. Sorry y'all i got cursed too, you can't understimate random people curse
    • Peter Lara Avatar
      Peter Lara - 8 months ago
      It's been over more than 1 year and there is no new chapters
    • Waka Metalbelly Avatar
      Waka Metalbelly - 1 year ago
      Ya know, in a way I'm thankful to this manga. The constant amount of missing chapters reminded me why I don't read manga on this site anymore.
      Octrain Avatar
      Octrain - 1 year ago
      Which sites would you recommend? I use this and manga funny
      Shapeless Avatar
      Shapeless - 8 months ago
      Manga owl is also great
      Engie Boy Avatar
      Engie Boy - 11 months ago
      Mangadex is really good, and while Toonily has shit ui, it rarely has missing chapters.
      Octrain Avatar
      Octrain - 11 months ago
      Many thanks
      Wajeeh Ansari Avatar
      Wajeeh Ansari - 5 months ago
      Well i prefer using an app instead website that is mangazone.



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