Manga Gather! Mystery Research Club / Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-bu

Gather! Mystery Research Club - Постер
Goryo Daisuke seems to be the only one in his class not in an after school club, and now he’s saddled with doing errands for the teacher. While trying to find the storage house, he stumbles upon a strange club room consisting of three girls of the Mystery Research Club. Each girl researches different things: Ninimiya Suzu (occult), Kanda Chiaki (magic), and Oohara Kotone (hypnotism).

The girls only need one more member to make their club official, but before Daisuke can run away, he’s hypnotized by Kotone to signing the papers that will make him a member! And thus begins the end of Daisuke’s quiet afternoons and the start of being the guinea pig to the ridiculous nature of the Mystery Research Club!