Manga Giant Killing / GIANT KILLING

Giant Killing - Постер
Giant Killing
East Tokyo United has been struggling in Japan's top football league for a few years. In an effort to improve their performance, ETU sends its general manager Goto overseas to get back their old star player, the slightly eccentric Tatsumi Takeshi. Ever since he left, Tatsumi has been the manager of an amateur English team, and has successfully risen them up to a winning streak.

Tatsumi refuses to return to the ETU at first, desiring to only chase down that epic “Giant Killing” match, where a weak team takes down a strong one in an intense fight. Only after demonstrating his abilities in Giant Killing does Tatsumi decide to go back to Japan and rise their team from the ashes! This is the story of teams with nothing giving their all to take down powerhouse football teams.