Manga Good Deeds of Kane of Old Guy

Good Deeds of Kane of Old Guy - Poster

Ossan Boukensha Kein no Zenkou

Middle-aged Adventurer Kein’s Good Deed


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    • The connoisseur Avatar
      The connoisseur - 1 month ago
      Good story and a Beautiful Execution this will be a fine addition to the archives.
    • John Zedric Salebat Cortes Avatar
      John Zedric Salebat Cortes - 3 months ago
      If you are reading this comment your parents will die within 5 years. To undo this curse you need to copy this and paste it on 5 other manga. Sorry y'all i got cursed too, you can't understimate random people curse
      Aspect of Maokai Avatar
      Aspect of Maokai - 2 months ago
      No u



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