Manga I Get Stronger By Doing Nothing

I Get Stronger By Doing Nothing - Poster

Wo Tangzhe Jiu Bian Qiang ; I Get Stronger When I Lie Flat ; Wǒ Tǎngzhe Jiù Biàn Qiáng ; 我躺着就变强


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    • Ren Avatar
      Ren - 3 weeks ago
      Actually a really good manhua I suggest it , the mc is isekaid into a body of someone dead when he was about to get married to another dead woman he is physically weak as for chapter 6 but he got mc shenanigans and revived a beauty that hates him ( the previous body owner ) which was a pervert and arrogant bastard but his step mom ( calm down you in the wrong section for that ) his step mom tried to kill him but yeah mc finds a op skill which let him get stronger during sleep



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