Manga Isekai Desu Ga Mamono Saibai Shiteimasu.

Isekai Desu Ga Mamono Saibai Shiteimasu. - Poster



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    • Fancy Starship Avatar
      Fancy Starship - 2 weeks ago
      Manga ended in a weird place. It left so many open ended questions that it should've answered and just didn't. Good story but my god the ending was garbage because of all the loose ends.
    • BadHumain Avatar
      BadHumain - 7 months ago
      its super wholesome i love it, 5/5 i just feel like it ended too fast, i would recommend it a lot as its just too cute and wholesome!
    • Edward_broughtonburg Avatar
      Edward_broughtonburg - 1 year ago
      Good read, mc is op in a way, sui best girl
    • 244 Avatar
      244 - 1 year ago



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