Manga Kiss Him, Not Me / Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

Kiss Him, Not Me - Постер
Boys, Please Kiss Him Instead of Me
“The prince should be with the princess. Who was the one that decided that? A prince should be with a prince!”
Serinuma Kae is an overweight second-year high schooler and an avid fujoshi that obsessively ships her male classmates together. When her favorite anime character dies, she grows distressed and locks herself in her room for a week. The shock causes her to lose weight, and when she re-emerges, she’s become a slender beauty!

Suddenly, Kae is pursued by all sorts of male classmates that want her attention -- but she would rather them kiss each other, not her! As hot boys continue to surround her, her BL fantasies grow wild and exposes her suitors to the rabid world of fujoshi!

(Note: “Fujoshi,” literally meaning “rotten girl,” is a Japanese term that refers to women who enjoy consuming Boy’s Love media (an umbrella term for shounen-ai and yaoi, shortened to BL). These fans like to fantasize over the romance and intimacy between fictional and/or real men.)