Manga Lovestruck Dead Girl and Forlorn Death God

Lovestruck Dead Girl and Forlorn Death God - Poster

Shindere Shoujo to Kodoku na Shinigami



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    • FBI-KUN Avatar
      FBI-KUN - 1 year ago
      you won't be seeing anymore chapters sadly mostly because it got canceled due the author being deceased
      Harold Sylvhir Avatar
      Harold Sylvhir - 4 months ago
      First: Definitely recommend this comic to anyone who is on the fence. It reminds me of Hyouka! Idk if I got the name right 😅 Second: Rip Must have been the shinigami… Hope this lightens the mood a little… I mean no offense in any form from this comment, this gem of a comic and the late author deserve a send off of thanks, praise, and other forms of positivity instead of a few comments that are on the darker side of things in an otherwise empty comment section.
      Zaeden Avatar
      Zaeden - 1 year ago
      BadHumain Avatar
      BadHumain - 9 months ago
      that went dark really quickly



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