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Kyou no Machida-kun


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    • just a guy who is sleep deprived Avatar
      just a guy who is sleep depriv... - 4 months ago
      its such an optimistic view on the world the main character is one of the greatest chad i have witnessed, even tadano hitohito doesn't measure up to his chadness
    • Bumpf Avatar
      Bumpf - 7 months ago
      ONE OF MY FAVORITES. SHORT AND AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! 2↑↑↑↑2/5 stars.
    • Neo The 1 Avatar
      Neo The 1 - 1 year ago
      Super good
    • Dirt Avatar
      Dirt - 1 year ago
      I absolutely loved this!,it was so cute! And I also loved the art style
    • Peter Lara Avatar
      Peter Lara - 1 year ago
      This was a wholesome thing to read :)



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