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Demon Queen, Wanna get Married?


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    • The connoisseur Avatar
      The connoisseur - 1 month ago
      Nice story this will be a fine addition to the archives.
    • Tadashi Yamada Avatar
      Tadashi Yamada - 3 months ago
      Thank you for this wonderful manga, But it would have been really wonderful if u didn't cut the kiss scene We all waited for that moment Arthur Soo F u
    • Nyan-chan Avatar
      Nyan-chan - 3 months ago
    • Maikeru Avatar
      Maikeru - 4 months ago
      Holy shit it actually updated after a whole year I thought it was axed or something
      André Erdna Avatar
      André Erdna - 4 months ago
      It got totally axed, for sure...
    • W. Cheeseman Avatar
      W. Cheeseman - 5 months ago
      it was so wholesome
    • dEKu Avatar
      dEKu - 6 months ago
      their innocence's is killing me
    • Juicy Steak Avatar
      Juicy Steak - 6 months ago
      next chap when :((((((
    • Xaviar Avatar
      Xaviar - 11 months ago
      How many raw chapters does this one have?? And will translated chapters come??
    • Kitaro's Anxious Avatar
      Kitaro's Anxious - 1 year ago
      WHY IS THE RATING SO LOW?!?!?!??!?!!!
    • Animr_demon Avatar
      Animr_demon - 1 year ago
      I swear they really need to be making this manga into A anime



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