Manga Nonbiri VRMMOki / のんびりVRMMO記 単行本

Nonbiri VRMMOki - Постер
Nonbiri VRMMO-ki
Here in the year 2×××, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in VR. While at first it was a little strange, soon these advancements became a commonplace thing in Japan.

By the recommendation of my twin sisters Hibari and Hitaki, I found myself playing the VRMMO [REAL & MAKE]. While being taught playing this new game by these two people... I discovered a game that does not require to be played like others. Single-mindlessly playing or hunting, taming with full of charm, producing realistic feats with dexterity, or cooking realistic cuisine with house-husband force. It is the story of being watched by players and AI inhabitants of the bulletin board.