Manga Oogami-san, Dadamore desu / 大上さん、だだ漏れです。

Oogami-san, Dadamore desu - Постер
Due to her perverted hobbies of fantasizing about the male body, Oogami has difficulty making friends. Her classmate, the cool Yaginuma, also keeps to himself and Oogami thinks that maybe they can be friends...if she can just stop having dirty daydreams about him!

When Oogami tries to return Yaginuma’s handkerchief one day, she ends up holding his hand and blurts out, “Show me your dick!” It turns out Yaginuma has a power: whoever touches him blurts out their secrets! Instead of being disgusted, Yaginuma proposes that they be friends since they’re both loners. But can the flustered Oogami really be friends with a cool guy who she can’t touch!?