Manga Rave Master / RAVE

Rave Master - Постер
Fifty years ago, an epic clash between Dark Bring and the Rave Master resounded through the world. With the power of the Rave Master’s Ten Commandments Sword, Dark Bring’s power was successfully stopped -- at the expense of the Rave Stones scattering across the world.

In present time, Haru Glory is an ordinary boy living peacefully in Garage Island -- until the day he goes fishing and catches a strange creature known as “Plue”. Now the heir to the Ten Commandments Sword, the title of Rave Master, and one of the powerful Rave Stones, Haru must grow strong in order to face the evil organization Demon Card and stop the revival of Dark Bring. To do this, he embarks on an epic adventure to gather the rest of the Rave Stones, the only thing capable of stopping the chaos…!