Manga The Executed Sage Is Reincarnated As A Lich And Starts An All-Out War

The Executed Sage Is Reincarnated As A Lich And Starts An All-Out War - Poster

ปราชญ์ผู้ถูกลงโทษได้กลับมาเกิดใหม่กลายเป็นลิช และเริ่มสงครามสุดกำลัง


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    • Yuuki Akira Avatar
      Yuuki Akira - 2 months ago
      I realised that i havent ever made a comment on how this manga ever since, I've been reading this manga from the very 1st chapter ever released and I think this is a great manga! . Firstly we know that the MC becomming the demon king is normal, but here, he cant get a harem, and he is a ex-hero, however, he murders ppl normally, which most MC in typical manga doesnt do, he aint kind my mans, this makes it look hectic! I suppose you could say a person is chewing on clouds while readin this, cause the MC just knows when to stop, though at times, it gives a slight cringe, but overall, i'll give it a good 4.8 out of 5.0! . Try reading it guys! Thanks!
    • The connoisseur Avatar
      The connoisseur - 7 months ago
      An interesting point of view this will be a fine addition to the archives.
    • Legitimate_Orc.Zer069 Avatar
      Legitimate_Orc.Zer069 - 10 months ago
      Yuuki Akira Avatar
      Yuuki Akira - 2 months ago
      fk off, i've been reading this shit from the start of the first chapter and this aint typical, this is just fking goooood stuff! If you find it typical, then dont read it
      Bri lol Avatar
      Bri lol - 1 month ago
      Don't mind this guy almost everything he reads he comments stuff like this🤷🏾‍♀️
    • The Ascended Weeb Avatar
      The Ascended Weeb - 11 months ago
      They do be right tho, this slaps harder than my dad with the belt
    • Grand Empress Avatar
      Grand Empress - 11 months ago
      He right this do slap ,I need more now!
    • Adham Ashraf Avatar
      Adham Ashraf - 1 year ago



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