Manga The Portal of Wonderland / 玄界之门

The Portal of Wonderland - Постер
Xuan Jie Zhi Men
Years ago, an unknown object landed on the East Sea and a great tsunami engulfed 20 islands in its wake. At present, the coast village of Quan Zhou has slowly rebuilt itself into a humble fishing village.

Out by the coast, young Shi Mu frees a clam that had saved him years ago during the tsunami incident, and awakens the sea folk spirit Xiang Zhu residing in it. Though kind, Xiang Zhu's mentor warns her never to mingle with humans again.

That same day, a foreign traveler arrives at the house of the Jin Family asking for Shi Mu to see his father in his deathbed. Growing up resenting his father, Shi Mu refuses. But when they are suddenly ambushed by enemies of the Jin Family, servant Cheng tries to convince Shi Mu that there is more to the Jin Family that he has yet to discover.