Manga Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle / Chronicle of the Wings

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle - Постер
Tsubasa Chronicle
The colorful characters of CLAMP’s tales through the years converge in this unique multidimensional story of fantasy and action.

In the country of Clow, Princess Sakura and aspiring archaeologist Syaoran have grown up together as childhood friends. During an excavation one day, Syaoran finds Sakura deep within the country’s mystical ruins with large, glowing wings sprouting from her back. The wings disperse in a burst of feathers, leaving Sakura practically lifeless.

Desperate to save her, Syaoran is sent to another world where the Space-Time Witch resides, who tells him the feathers contained Sakura’s memories -- and now they’re scattered through dimensions. He’ll have to journey through worlds to find them, but he won’t be alone -- Kurogane is an exiled ninja from Japan Country wanting to return back to his world, and Fai D. Flowright is a magician from Celes who never wants to return. Now the group embarks on a tremendous journey of trust, tragedy, sacrifices, and bonds. Will they be able to alter the fate orchestrated for them?