Manga Yuan Zun / 元尊

Yuan Zun - Постер
Yuan Zun
"A dragon will be consumed by a snake." An ancient prophesy was told that the once allied kingdoms of Zhou and Daiwu would be torn apart for power.

The night for Zhou Yuan'er's Eight Principles to be bestowed upon him has ended for naught. Yuan'er, only son of the Zhou empire had only a few years to live. Devastated, Yuan asks for another way to redeem himself.

Yuan'er's parents finally tell him his true role for the Zhou kingdom as the prophesied dragon, and the boy's rage for Daiwu has finally lit.

Now Yuan'er is determined to learn the arts of becoming a Yuan Master and show his parents, kingdom, and enemies that one's fate can be changed. But how can he, when his Eight Principles still hasn't arrived to him yet?